Welcome to Strange Observer

To be honest, I’m not sure what this site will be or become, but for now I am considering it my weird workbench to flesh out reports of UFOs and high strangeness. Like many other places in our strange America, everyone around here knows someone who has seen a UFO. Oftentimes that someone is you.

Rhode Island is a beautiful state. The true beating heart of New England, some (me, mostly) might say. The Northeast is a strange, wonderful place made up of oddballs, malcontents and dreamers and a tortured, haunted history. People are weird here and they see weird things in the skies, in the forests, hovering over the sodium lights at forgotten intersections and swimming around their ankles as they tread fearlessly into the chilly Atlantic. I am going to try to bring you some of these stories and explore the strange and mysterious goings-on in Rhode Island and New England beyond and I truly hope you enjoy what I present here. I have yet to grow tired of hearing a witness tell their story in their own words and voice, it is truly the most enjoyable aspect of this weird hobby and whether any of these stories are true, in the sense that anything can be true, I always believe the witness.

4 thoughts

  1. Thank you for your writings. I have always had an interest in such stories. I grew up in northern RI. I have seen things. I would love to start a group if anyone is interested.


  2. Hello Eric, I’m Elise Giammarco Carlson, the director of Panorama Paranormal, here in RI. You have an interesting project started here, I’d love to keep in touch. We can be found on FB, Insta, or at PanoramaParanormal@cox.net. Best of luck to you!


    1. Hi Elise, thank you for the comment. I apologize, I thought I had replied to this already but I see I have not. I will get in touch and please feel free to get in touch with me at our contact email as well. Thank you!


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